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Lieder for Voice and Piano


Lieder and vocal pieces for voice and harp, voice and piano. Performed by:
Eliezra Eig Zakov, contralto; Noa Blass, piano; Judy Liber, harp (one piece)
Ten chants in a forgotten tongue for voice and harp
Seven ancient Egyptians hymns
Emily Dickinson Come slowly, Twas such a little little boat, I went to heaven, The soul unto itself, Eden, Tis little I would care
Leah Goldberg three lieder
Yaacov Barzilay one lied
S. Shalom three lieder
Rafi Veichart two lieder
Ozer Rabin one lieder
Yonatan Ratosh two lieder
Avraham Ben-Ytzhak one lieder
(Recorded 1983-2004)

Click here to hear a sample from a lieder by Yaacov Barilay, performed by Meirav Meshulam, mezzo sopran; Philippe Lourie, piano; If you can't hear click here to install Windows Media Player.

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