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Therapeutic Educational Work Through Music

1. Musical Education for Toddlers based on illustration and dramatization of programmed pieces. There ere video clips, a song written by a group of students and a group of students aged six to ten performing a march by Schubert at the Tel Aviv museum. ('Stories from the House of Notes' is published in English as well as a booklet about illustration and dramatization of programmed music.)

2. Special Musical Education:

a. Animals and Music learning through play, illustration, movement, playing music and enacting. Twelve animals represent impulses and tone them down.
b.Me, You and the World a method for learning the basics while listening to a story accompanied by music on the following topics: earth, water, sun moon; work on emotions through the topic 'Heart' and on cognitive expression through the topic 'Head'. Booklet and tape available in French (Toi, Moi et le Monde) as well as a CD of the music.
c. Two programs of short piano pieces. The purpose: getting to know the sounds, the components of the musical sentence and basic musical structures. The tunes appear in the form of sheet music and on a CD.

3. Gongs et Chakras Yoga Through Sound: Experiencing the energy centers in the body by playing and listening to gongs and bells. The method forms a connection between the classic knowledge of yoga, sounds and Jewish tradition. The sounds of gongs and bells influence detachment. Focusing on a light-source in various ways leads to an emotional and spiritual experience and encourages creativity.

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